Suggested Books About Church Growth

Books. As ministries, we're well-aquainted with the power of books. (Especially the power of THE book.) They can contain the wisdom of ages, but also modern accounts of those who came before us so that we may learn from their experiences. 

Digital media has been great for expanding our reach "horizontally," to connect with a wider audience. But to go deep into our thoughts and our souls, there's nothing like a comfortable chair in a quiet room with a good book in hand. It removes distractions and forces us to be present in that moment.

Check out our recommendations below:


The Optimized Church

Overall Rating: 5/5

Church growth is not an unfathomable mystery. There are always practical reasons why a church is growing at its present rate. The Optimized Church takes you on the journey to reach the lost and create disciples.


The Church Growth Flywheel

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Bestselling author, Rich Birch, has pulled together his own hard-fought experience leading within one of the fastest growing churches in the country as well as over 200 interviews with church leaders from prevailing churches.

The Post-Quarantine Church

Overall Rating: 4/5

From thousands of surveys of church leaders and in-person consultations, Thom Rainer has gathered the essential wisdom you need to face the challenges  that the quarantine crisis creates for the local church.

How To Break Growth Barriers

Overall Rating: 4/5

Some churches grow rapidly, only to hit a ceiling. Others have experienced declining or static attendance. Frustrated church leaders want methods that work, but without adding to pastoral fatigue.

Why these books, specifically?

  • Growth as an "automated system" that will ensure a constant flow of new energy into your congregation.
  • The challenges of this post-pandemic world has touched every aspect of our lives, including our spirituality.
  • Sometimes (often) we know where we want to be, but we just don't know how to get there. Obstacles can stunt our growth at every stage of development.