Best Ways to Increase Church Attendance

Best Ways to Increase Church Attendance

Church attendance has been on the decline for years, and many pastors are looking for ways to reverse this trend. Indeed, all houses of worship struggle with declining attendance at one time or another. This is usually due to a combination of things like logistical obstacles that make it difficult to attend church, waning interest … Read more

Factors That Hinder Church Growth

Things That Kill Church Growth

Church growth is difficult. It’s one of the most obvious and yet most misunderstood statements about church health that you’ll ever hear. Why? Because church growth is hard work, for the leadership and everyone in the community.  Nobody really wants to hear that because we want to believe that our passion for our mission will … Read more

Growing Your Greek Orthodox Church

Growing Your Greek Orthodox Church

We here at Church Growth Net help congregations of all Christian faiths grow their church. This included Greek Orthodox. Let me first of all say that the success of a church should not be defined by the number of people who show up on Sunday, and in that regard, Greek Orthodox churches are no different. … Read more

7 Areas of Church Growth

types of church growth

Church growth doesn’t necessarily mean bigger numbers. In fact, there are seven specific areas where church growth can take place. These include: spiritual maturity, outreach, discipleship, leadership development, ministry teams, prayer and worship, and facility growth.  Each of these types of church growth is important in its own right and should be pursued by churches … Read more

Small Church Growth Strategies That Work

Small Church Growth Strategies

Small churches have unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to growth. While larger churches can afford to have several ministries and iterations, small churches often struggle just to keep the lights on. But with a bit of creativity, small churches can still grow in a big way. One way to grow a small church … Read more