A Guide To Building Fund For Church

A Guide To Building Fund For Church

It’s possible that planning a fundraising campaign for the building fund for church would be one of the toughest and most demanding things church leadership can do. The outcome of this battle might alter your plan of action for the physical infrastructure of your church. Therefore the stakes are rather high. Architects, town planners, and … Read more

Church As A Business: Does It Work?

church as a business

When it comes to church as a business, there are two main schools of thought – those who believe the church should be run like any other business, with an emphasis on making a profit, and those who believe the church should be focused on helping others and not concerned at all with making money. … Read more

What Are The Major Church Loan Requirements?

What Are The Major Church Loan Requirements?

It’s not easy securing a loan, especially when you’re a church. There are so many major church loan requirements that it can feel daunting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll outline the three most important church loan requirements that you’ll need to meet to be approved. So read on and … Read more

Church Incorporation: How Does It Work?

church incorporation

Church incorporation can be a confusing process. It can be hard to know what to do if you’re unfamiliar with how the bureaucracy works. This post will help explain the basics of church incorporation and answer some common questions. So, what are the advantages of church incorporation? Let’s find out! How Does Church Incorporate? Churches … Read more

How to Start a Non-denominational Church

how to start a non-denominational church

Do you want to start a non-denominational church? There’s never been a better time to establish one. Churches have traditionally provided solace to wary souls looking for guidance while navigating times of uncertainty. With everything happening in the world right now, they’re only going to grow in importance. This article explains how to start a … Read more

10 Signs Of Bad Church Leadership

signs of bad church leadership

A church is where you give and receive love, grow in faith, and discover God. When the one who protects and guides us veers off the path, we are all harmed. People might even leave the church after bad interactions with bad church leaders. Indeed, poor church leadership might even result in the eventual failure … Read more