What is Church Planting?

church planting

Church planting is the planting of new churches in areas where there are no current churches. Church planting is a fairly new idea, having only gained traction in the last century or so. The idea is to bring the gospel to areas that have yet to hear it, or to areas where the current churches … Read more

Prayers For The Growth Of The Church

praying for church growth

We believe that when we come together to pray for our church, we are partnering with God to see His will done on Earth. It is our heart’s cry to see the lost saved and lives changed, and we believe that God can use our prayers to bring about revival in our community.  Please join … Read more

Best Ways to Increase Church Attendance

Best Ways to Increase Church Attendance

Church attendance has been on the decline for years, and many pastors are looking for ways to reverse this trend. Indeed, all houses of worship struggle with declining attendance at one time or another. This is usually due to a combination of things like logistical obstacles that make it difficult to attend church, waning interest … Read more