10 Ways to Attract New Members To Your Church

How do you attract new members to your church? It’s a question that all churches face at one time or another, and there’s no easy answer. But there are some things you can do to make your church more inviting to newcomers.

Church membership is declining in many parts of the world. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that while more than half (54 percent) of American adults identify as Christians, only about a third (36 percent) of them say they attend religious services at least once a month. A similar story is playing out globally, with church attendance dropping in Europe, Latin America, and other regions.

Why is it important to attract new members to your church? 

Attracting new members is important because it helps the church to thrive and grow. They bring with them new ideas, new energy, and a new sense of excitement.

Churches rely on their members to tithe and support the church financially. New members can bring new life and enthusiasm to a church, and can also help to keep the church growing

When a church grows, it is able to reach more people with the gospel message.New members provide support to the existing church members. They help to take the load off of the older members and allow them to minister in other ways.

Attracting New Members to Your Church

OK, so bringing new blood into your fold is important. Great. So do we accomplish that? Let’s look at 10 different ways of attracting new members to your church. 

1. Welcome new members with open arms.

When someone new walks through the door, they should be made to feel like they are a part of the church family immediately.

Some churches have a New Member Orientation program, which helps new members learn about the church and its history. This is a great way to help people feel welcome and connected to the church community. Other churches have a Newcomers’ Luncheon, which is a “meet and greet” for both new members and church leaders. 

Another way to make new church members feel welcome is to assign them a mentor. This mentor can help them get adjusted to the church and answer any questions they may have. 

2. Introduce new church members to other members.

One of the most important things a church can do to grow is introduce new members to other church members. When people feel connected to others in the church, they are more likely to attend and get involved.

There are a few ways to go about this. One is to have a special event or luncheon just for new members. This is a great opportunity to get everyone together and let them get to know each other. You can also have a system where new members are automatically matched with an older member who can show them around, answer any questions, and help them feel welcome.

Churches often struggle to find ways to welcome new members and help them feel connected. One way to do this is to introduce them to other church members. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as through social media, email, or in person.

Social media is a great way to connect church members with each other. Churches can create groups or pages on social media platforms specifically for new members. This will allow them to connect with other members, ask questions, and learn more about the church.

3. Show them around the church.

One way to attrack new members to your church is by showing them around the campus. When new members feel oriented and know where everything is, they are more likely to attend church regularly and get involved. 

Here are a few tips for showing new members around the church campus:

  • Give them a tour of the building.
  • Show them where the worship center is, and explain the service.
  • Introduce them to key staff members and let them know what each person’s role is.
  • Point out different areas where people can get involved in the church community

When new people come to visit your church, be sure to show them around! This will help them feel more comfortable and get to know the church better.

4. Get new church members involved in church activities and programs right away.

Additionally, the church can hold events specifically for new members. This will give them a chance to meet other people who are new to the church, and it will also show

One of the best ways to get new church members involved in church activities and programs is to have a church picnic. This is a great way for people to get to know one another, and it’s also a fun way for them to get involved in church activities.

Another way to get new church members involved is to have a Welcome Dinner. This is a great way for new members to get to know the pastor and other leaders in the church. It’s also a great way for them to learn about the different programs and activities that are available at the church.

One way to attract new church members and get them more involved in church activities and programs is to have a welcome committee that greets them and helps them get acclimated to the church. This committee can also help connect new members with other church members who may have similar interests.

Finally, to get new members more involved, have a program that introduces them to the various ministries of the church. This program can also help them find the right ministry for their talents and interests.

5. Help them make friends within the church community.

One of the most important things for a new church member is to feel welcomed and accepted into the church community. It can be tough to break into an established group, but there are ways to make it easier.

Here are a few ideas to help new church members make friends:

• Try to sit near someone you know during services.

• Introduce yourself to people after services.

• Join a small group or Bible study.

• Reach out to someone on social media.

• Attend church events.

6. Empower and equip established members to bring in new people. 

One of the most effective ways to welcome new faces into your church is to have them brought by someone they know. New members are the lifeblood of any congregation. They are the ones who bring in new people, support the ministries, and help to make the church a welcoming and thriving community. 

But what if church members weren’t just welcomed and supported, but also empowered and equipped to share their faith with others?

Empowering and equipping church members to bring in new people is one of the most effective ways to grow a church. When people feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves, they are more likely to want to invite others to join them.

Church members who are empowered to recruit new members and introduce them to the church’s teachings. They provide a home and a community for people who are struggling in their lives.

new church members

7. Pray for them, and with them.

Spirituality, faith, and prayer are the foundation of every church. These practices speak to why we’re here in the first place… for ourselves and for others. 

Without a doubt, the most fundamental way to connect a new member to your church is to help guide them in prayer. Or just be there to listen. And if they’re not ready to open up to you just yet, you can quietly pray for them on your own.

We preach about the power of prayer. Let’s put it to practice.

8. Connect them with a mentor who can disciple them.

Sometimes all it takes is one new friend or mentor to make a new member feel right at home instantly. And the person might NOT be you.

That’s OK. But as a pastor, part of your job is to connect members. Let them share their strengths with each other, and help each other even when you’re not around. 

Generally speaking, a mentor should be someone who the new member will look up to. Usually that’s a person that’s older than them and of the same gender. But obviously that’s not mandatory, and the spiritual connection should be the most important factor in choosing a mentor for someone. 

9. Stream Services Online.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we all must learn to adapt. We can’t (and shouldn’t) give up the activities that make our lives meaningful, but sometimes we must participate in novel ways if the situation demands it.

However, streaming church services aren’t just for lockdowns. They can also be very comforting for members of your church who are homebound for other reasons, such as a physical disability. 

These days, the required technology is easy. You can stream via Zoom or Google Meets, which anybody can learn in the course of an afternoon. If your budget allows for it, invest a little bit of money is a high-definition camera and a quality microphone. 

10. Help them grow in their faith.

Church members are constantly looking for ways to deepen their faith and grow in their spiritual journey. As a church leader, it is important for you to provide resources that can help them in their spiritual growth.

One great way to do this is to create a structured membership program for new church members. This program can provide them  with access to resources like Bible studies, prayer guides, and other materials that can help them learn more about their faith.

What are some things you can do to keep new members coming back?

Church is one of the most important aspects of many peoples lives. It can provide support and guidance in difficult times, and can be a place where people can come to learn more about their faith.

However, not everyone who joins a church knows what to do next. They may not know how to grow in their faith, or may not know where to find support from other church members.

One thing you can do is make sure your church is well-organized. Newcomers should be able to find their way around easily and learn what they need to know about the church quickly.

Communication is key. Don’t drop the ball. After they’ve attended for the first make, make sure to follow up. A phone call, perhaps. Email is another great way to connect new members with other church members. Build a strong social media presence so that you’re always in front of them, no matter where they are.


It is no secret that church attendance across the Western world has been on the decline for some time now. In order to stem this tide, churches need to begin attracting new members in droves. While there are many reasons why someone might choose not to attend church, there are also many reasons why they might choose to start coming. Be one of those reasons for somebody.

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