How to Reach the Unchurched Families in Your Communities

Let us help you grow your church 

Welcome to Church Growth Ministry. We are dedicated to helping your church grow to its fullest potential. As Jesus Christ clearly instructed his disciples, go and make disciples of all nations. We should spread the good news of the Lord to the people and let them know of God’s love. 

We believe all churches face different challenges and we want to help them overcome these adversities. We want to see them triumph in the work that they do because that means that they are able to reach out to more people and bring these people closer to God. When you consult Church Growth Ministry, it does not automatically mean that your church is experiencing a major problem. We can also help you in strengthening your capacities so that when these challenges arise, you know how to handle them. It is always a good idea to be prepared since churches are dynamic and the situations and circumstances around us may affect us one way or the other.   

Come and see how we do it. Browse through our website to see how we can help you. We apply the principles and techniques of community development in church growth and health. We conduct capacity building activities to help churches withstand the challenges that they are facing or that might arise as they perform their religious duties. We design training and seminars that would suit the specific needs of each organization. We also develop different material resources such as books, study kits, and videos to further boost the knowledge and capability of the church leaders. We have recorded a copy of our most sought-after seminar “How to Reach the Unchurched Families in Your Communities” and this is available in our office and online stores in an audio CD, DVD, and VHS copies. You can also purchase our bestseller book, “White Unto Harvest,” which is about evangelizing older people in our communities. Other Church Growth Products and Resources that are for sale in our stores are copies of our seminars on “How to Assimilate Newcomers into Your Church”, “Growing in Love”, “The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples”, and “The Grand Way”. You can also buy our books entitled “African-American Church Growth”, “Catch the Age Wave”, “Antagonists in the Church”, “Prepare Your Church for the Future”, “Church Growth Ratio Book”, “Attracting New Members”, “The Interventionist”, “Natural Church Development”, “Gentle Plantings”, “ How to Break Growth Barriers”, “Becoming a Healthy Church”, “Live Long and Love It”, “Who Cares About Love?”, and “Church for the Unchurched”. We guarantee that these books and videos will help you in your efforts to make your church better and stronger. 

We invite you to go out of your garage doors in Milwaukee and join us in our ministry of reaching out to more people especially to those who are still unchurched. May we all be instruments of bringing Jesus Christ closer to the people and see the transforming power of God’s love work in their lives. 

May your church live long and all your endeavors move you closer to our ultimate goal of making disciples of all nations.